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CMJ picks.

This is my suggestion list for bands to check out. I’m too lazy to put in venue/dates but you can search the showcase website and find out where stuff is playing. Please note I’m not a music writer and I have been busting my ass for the past month or so at work and not really sleeping which means a lot of this may come off as nonsensical. Also I’m probably forgetting stuff. 

Joanna Gruesome: the name makes you not want to like them but they are totally shreddy and awesome chicks - new record is out on Slumberland - LISTEN TO IT
Big Ups - really good guitar work and they are on Panache so I definitely expect a good live show
Speedy Ortiz - you should know already, love these guys
Perfect Pussy - it’s like they spent all their formative years listening to/extracting the best parts of every Dischord artist and they are super fun live but bring earplugs jesus christ bring earplugs
Bad Cop - this is a little more Nashville sludge than punk but they are super fun love 
Empress Of: tiny dynamo, so much fun to watch on stage because she loops everything and shes doing some really cool bedroom pop stuff but like washed out fuzzy production 
Gossling: Australian babe (SORRY IT’S A FACT) and she’s making some interesting production choices. A lot of it is climactic and awesome. 
Gang of Youths: Again, not reinventing the wheel but Evangelists gets good at the end 
The CASCINE showcase - love Rush Midnight and there was one Jensen Sportag song MAD EYES that I used to be super obsessed with like 10 years ago (I shit you not) and now they’re doing some sexy 80s-ish cool production stuff so definitely check that out 
Futurebrite: maybe nothing will come of this, maybe something will
Indie Pop
Magic Man - the next Killers. Totally biased but also that’s a fact. 
Bowmont - Billy from Pianos played this for me exactly a year ago and it’s still a near perfect song for me 
NONONO - Pumpin Blood will be in every car commercial for the next 6 months 
TV Girl - I love the crunchy production on She Smokes In Bed - total earworm. 
Highs - some songs make your heart burst 
The Griswolds - LOVE LOVE LOVE so fun live, the exact right amount of cheese, earworms galore 
Tigertown - v shimmery at parts and they definitely like Fleetwood Mac 
Prides - very much like YES WE CAN DO THIS, LETS DO IT music 
Grandchildren - if they are good live, they could be really fun
South of France - super happy and fun
R&B / Slinky
WET - DUH they sound like nothing else I can think of currently
Body Parts - kinda r&b, kinda sexy, some nice bass lines - have no idea how this will come off live but it’s interesting 
Basecamp: SHOUT OUT TO NASHVILLE, Derek calls this Emotional EDM but all I know is I want to make out to this real bad 
Shy Girls - I get some serious 80s prince guitar vibes
Pony Bwoy - sometimes it reminds me of bone thugs and sometimes it reminds me of weeknd and sometimes i just wanna get high and listen to it 
Kelela - fully into this production wise, song wise, voice wise, 10000% on board
Noodly Indie
Dream Shake - James is one of the most talented songwriters I have ever met and his ear for harmonies and melodies is unmatched. Love. 
Bent Shapes - not reinventing the wheel but there are some good guitar bits and it reminds me of bands I was in love with in HS
Bored Nothing - I want to see where this goes but he’s very talented
Song Sparrow Research - good rainy day stuff, kinda reminds me of Jens Lenkman 
Holy Esque: do you miss WU LYF? I miss WU LYF. If WU LYF listened to some new wave and then got sensitive and made a new band it’d be Holy Esque
Courtney Barnett - keep an eye out, good guitars and her songwriting is kind of playful but also weary and a little angry
Bonzie - she’s got a good voice and a good instinct for song construction 
Hermitude - love these guys even though the flume remix of this track is better
Elizabeth Rose - can’t explain it but it’s like she sang her own version of Janet Jackson techno remixes and I love it
The entire showcase at The Delancey on Thursday night is pretty good electronic stuff - Born Gold, Float Fall, Hermitude etc. 
Rap -
Deniro Farrar feels like he’s gonna be everywhere in 6 months 
Kan Wakan: sometimes when I listen I feel like I’m in James Bond opening credits 
SISU - scary and beautiful
Ludwig Persik - have no idea how this will translate live which is why I’m into it  
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i need better friends 

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OK then 

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